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Spring Semester Driver Education Class

Starting 2nd Semester Driver Education classes will be offered 2nd, 3rd, and 7th periods to all students needing to take their 32 classroom hours. Enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis.  

Grade 9: Driver Education classes will be available to freshman students who have met the requirements from the Faculty Handbook for study hall release as outlined below:

a. Freshman Study Hall Release
Study hall release is a privilege and an option for freshmen who have attained the academic requirements listed below. Exempt students may remain in the study hall room and continue to study. Study hall teachers will be present so the room remains available for those students who choose to attend.

b. Exempt Students are not required to leave the Study Hall; however, if they choose to do so, they may. The Study Hall will always be available to them. They do not need to check in on a daily basis.

c. Students may be released based on the following criteria:
1st Semester: 88 semester GPA or better and all grades 75 and above
4th Six Weeks: 88 six-weeks GPA or better and all grades 75 and above
5th Six Weeks: 88 six-weeks GPA or better and all grades 75 and above
of attaining Honor Roll citations; students who have an 88 average or higher and no grade below 80 are eligible.

If you have any questions please contact Ryan Menard at or call (972) 387-8700 Ext. 514. 

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BEHIND-THE-WHEEL INSTRUCTION – We will offer behind-the-wheel instruction on the weekends and in the summer.  If you choose you may take the behind-the-wheel instruction at Jesuit or the student may transfer to another driving school or to parent taught behind-the-wheel instruction.
Behind-the-wheel requires 14 hours of in-car instruction (7 hours of in-car observation and 7 hours of driving).  Students must be 15 to start behind-the-wheel and hold a valid permit. An additional 30 hours of parent taught instruction is required by the state.
Behind-the-wheel cost: $225

**All students are required to complete a Jesuit College Prep – Driver Education Contract before beginning the Driver Education Program.

************Please be sure to sign and initial all required spaces***********

Payment is due at the beginning of each phase of the program.
Pay online at under Campus Life, Driver Education or make checks payable to:  Jesuit – Driver Education.

Questions - please contact: Ryan Menard – Director of Driver Education
(972) 387-8700 ext. 514

Contact Student Affairs
Mark Knize
Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
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Andy Civello ’97
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
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Laura O'Neal
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