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Mathematics Department

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The Mathematics Department at Jesuit Dallas responds to the mission of Jesuit education by providing a program that meets each individual at a challenging level while striving to ensure his success. Although insisting upon mastery of mechanics in each subject, we go beyond to the magis — the more — of deeper understanding, insightful application, and creative problem solving. We help the student reason logically with both speed and precision and give him the mathematical skills necessary for a successful college career. To accomplish this end, a wide range of techniques and technologies are used throughout the four-year math program. Our curriculum is thus both traditional and modern, both rigorous and exciting.

The typical math program consists of full-year courses in elementary algebra, geometry with basic trigonometry, intermediate algebra, and precalculus. An honors program for the student may begin with honors algebra or honors geometry and finish with either AP Calculus or AP Statistics. At all levels, we provide cura personalis through a variety of course options and opportunities beyond the classroom for both the student needing a little extra help and the student who desires to go a bit further in math.

The four-credit math requirement may be fulfilled with courses listed in this section. All students must receive credit for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. All courses require a graphing calculator. Incoming freshmen will be placed in honors or advanced-level math classes based on their performance on the ISEE Admissions Exam and the Algebra Skills Assessment Exam. Transfer students will be placed in an appropriate level math class based on their previous transcript and performance on the Algebra Skills Assessment Exam.