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Academic Support

Jesuit students are provided a variety of resources to ensure their potential for academic and personal success is maximized. Below are a few of the resources available to our students:

  • Teacher office hours: each teacher has dedicated time during the day to engage students in additional support and tutoring
  • Grade level counselors: counselors are available to support academic, social, and emotional needs.
  • Math Lab: dedicated space that is facilitated by a math teacher between the hours of 7:15 and 4:15 on most school days
  • Learning Resource Center: a dedicated space for students to engage in conversations and one-on-one learning about study skills. This room is available to students throughout the school day.
  • Learning disability support: learning specialists are available to provide resources and accommodations to student with diagnosed learning disabilities. Please contact Maureen Miramontes (mmiramontes@jesuitcp.org) or Patrick Triplet (ptriplett@jesuitcp.org) if you have any questions about our Learning disability support program. The accomodations that are available to Jesuit students include:
    • Extended time (50% additional time on tests)
    • Preferential seating
  • Learn to Learn Program: individualized support based on the student needs and may focus on areas such as organizational skills, study skills, and learning how to ask for help from teachers. Students receive support through meetings with one of the learning specialists and/or through specialized study hall periods.