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College Prelection Night

For College-Bound students and their Parents

What will your child experience during the first year of college? How much of it will be like your college experience? How much of it will be different? What are the things we can warn our sons and daughters about ahead of time? What are the lessons that they will simply have to learn themselves? How many of the big life choices that they will face might we prelect for them before they are faced with making their own decisions?

Please consider joining us in the Terry Center on the evening of May 17 at 7:00 p.m. for a prelection of the first year of college. This 75 minute presentation by Principal Tom Garrison is designed to lay the groundwork for some of the opportunities and challenges that your sons and daughters will face as soon as they are out of your immediate influence and making decisions for themselves for the first time in their lives.

The presentation is designed to be experienced by child (excuse me, young adult) and parent together. During the discussion we will explore mundane topics such as roommate challenges and summer curfews and very quickly dive deeper into the more complicated questions of college drug and alcohol abuse and how they might interfere with a young adult’s ability to make good decisions about social media, sex, study habits and other areas where college students might fall into trouble. It is our hope that the discussion will raise issues that you haven’t yet talked about with your child, but definitely should before the fall semester begins.

This presentation is open to all Jesuit and Ursuline seniors and their parents. It is our hope that students will attend with their parents, as the questions raised are good ones to talk about together. If you cannot make it, however, please send your son or daughter, or come without your student if he or she has a prior engagement. All we need to know is how many to expect so that we will have enough chairs set up. Please RSVP below.

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