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Student Life / Counseling

College Counseling

The College Counseling program prepares students to pursue higher education. Across all grade levels, students are introduced to multiple planning tools, resources and opportunities for advising which help to develop their knowledge of higher education and preparedness for the college application process. By exploring areas of interest, discussing possible career paths and taking a unique interest in each student, the College Counseling program aims to live true to the Jesuit ideals of education. We embrace the cura personalis, seeking to find the right place for each student after his graduation from Jesuit appreciating his individual gifts, circumstances and potential to ensure a great college experience.

We look forward to working with you through this exciting process.


Spring and Summer Meetings for Junior Students and Their Parents

Mr. Fitzsimmons and Mr. Shoemaker welcome families to sign up for their initial college meeting. This meeting is used to discuss the results of The Game, elaborate on the Ten School List, and help formulate a plan for attacking the application process. While not mandatory, we encourage all families to meet with the college counselors at least once. Meetings can be scheduled between now and July 1st, and then again after August 1st.

Senior Summer College Guidance Classes (spaces still available!!!)

This 4-day course is designed to give students a head start on the college application process that can be cumbersome and time consuming during senior year. The course content will explore the college admissions landscape and educate students on current trends and strategies that can be utilized in the college search. Students will learn how to organize and describe extracurricular activities and awards to present to colleges in the form of a resume. Students and counselors will brainstorm college essay prompts and learn how to write an effective essay. Participants in the program should begin senior year with a complete list of schools to apply to, knowledge of the application requirements for each, a resume, and a rough draft of an essay. Students attending summer college guidance class will be exempt from attending guidance class in the fall.

*Students with a lot of AP courses, fall sports, or busy extracurricular schedules in the fall should strongly consider this class.

College Night 2017

Representatives from over 250 colleges across the nation and around the world will be at Jesuit on Tuesday, September 12 from 7-9 p.m.

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to visit gotocollegefairs.org to pre-register and print a unique barcode that will be scanned by the college representatives, eliminating the need to fill out information for each school.


The College Counseling department uses a software system called Naviance to manage the college admissions process. This includes the tracking of applications, supporting documents, transcripts, recommendations, and admissions contacts. In addition, students may explore career interests, set future goals and assess their academic standing in regards to college admission criteria at various schools.

Both parents and students are able to access Naviance. Students will have their registration code given to them by their counselor. Parents are able to obtain their registration code by contacting Mr. Fitzsimmons or Mr. Shoemaker in the counseling office.

To access Naviance, click the link below.

Scholarship & Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid are becoming increasingly important as families discuss how to pay for college. The College Counselers have collected some helpful links that explain the process more clearly.

Fast Web — Searches thousands of scholarships that meet criteria specific to you.

Merit Aid — Displays all available scholarships at a particular institution.  This helps to ensure that a student has not missed any opportunities to apply for scholarships while he is finishing his application.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (F.A.F.S.A.) — The FAFSA is the form each student must fill out if he would like to be considered for financial aid, either from the government, or from the school. This form uses tax information to tell the government and colleges the contribution a family could be expected to make towards the student's college education.

FinAid.org — The most comprehesive source of student financial aid information, adivce, and tools on the web.

College Visits

The colleges visiting Jesuit this fall can be found by logging in as a guest to Naviance. After signing in as a guest, to see the list of schools attending as well as the date and time of their visit, click the "colleges" tab, the "more search options" link under the search box, and finally the "college visits" link on the left bar.

Colleges wishing to schedule a visit should contact Rita Miller at rmiller@jesuitcp.org.

Seniors wishing to attend one of the appointments must sign in to their own Naviance account and register for the college visit in order to be excused from class.

Helpful Links

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Contact Counseling
Jack Fitzsimmons
Director of Counseling
972-387-8700 x412
Contact College Counseling
Jack Fitzsimmons
Director of College Counseling
972-387-8700 x412
Matt Shoemaker
College Counselor
972-387-8700 x274