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Student Life / Counseling

Sophomore Counseling

Welcome sophomores and sophomore families:

A Jesuit sophomore is unique. He takes pride in his school.  He searches for ways to contribute. His experiences, his friendships, and his eagerness make him a valuable asset to the Jesuit community. He will have a new confidence about him, but he will also have questions.  The Jesuit website can be very informative. Students can use it as a one-stop-shop for important links like Moodle and the community service webpage.  Parents can use the calendars and the online parent directory to gather information about school events. But do not hesitate to contact us (the sophomore counselors) when you have a specific question. We are excited to hear from you and we want to help.

We should remind parents and students that the beginning of the academic year can be a stressful time. Jesuit sophomores can sometimes be slow in making the transition back to an academically rigorous environment. In most cases these young men have matured and they have begun to accept the responsibilities that come with a driver's licence, a later curfew, or the title of upper classmen. But while sophomores are beginning to look like adults, they still need the guidance of their parents. Although it might be difficult, we encourage sophomore parents to make early and frequent inquiries about coursework. One good place to start is by asking them what materials they will need for their classes. Check Moodle with them during the first full week of classes and ask to see their planner (remember that not all teachers use Moodle for daily assignments). If they are not using a daily and weekly planner, expect a rocky start.

We are looking forward to a great start and a successful sophomore year!

Mr. Ornelas and Mr. Williams

Raul Ornelas

Raul Ornelas is a Jesuit grad from the class of 2001. He graduated college from Ohio Wesleyan University where he majored in Spanish and Education. He has served Jesuit as a Spanish teacher, a Theology teacher, a rugby coach, and most recently as the coordinator of the Hispanic literacy program, coordinated by Jesuit through the Mexican Consulate. He is moderator of Key Club and SCA, a sophomore leadership group. He has done extensive work with the diversity committee and has instructional experience with all four grade levels at Jesuit College Prep. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Couseling degree at Southern Methodist University, and is in the internship stage of his program.

David Williams

David Williams, a ’96 grad, has been a counselor at Jesuit for the past six years. He is a Saint Louis University alumnus of 2000. In 2007 he completed a masters program in Education with a concentration in Counseling and Psychology from Southern Methodist University. He has taught English and Art Appreciation to freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. He currently serves Jesuit as a Sophomore Counselor, Senior English teacher, JV Soccer Coach, and the school’s Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He moderates Lone Rangers and 24/7.

The turning point of St. Ignatius' life arrived only after several years of self-promotion and worldly excess, but he emerged with a reflective conscience, a worldlier perspective, and a new group of friends.   The second year at Jesuit Dallas is a similar turning point in the lives of our students.  It is a year of challenge and change.  Having become familiar with the school's mission, mottos, and traditions, Jesuit sophomores now explore the actions associated with being a "man for others" or "seeking the magis".  In doing so they double their community service credits, they engage in leadership opportunities, and they learn to value relationships with peers and family members.