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Family Endowment Funds

The establishment of an endowment through the Jesuit Foundation provides donors the opportunity to create a legacy and become a permanent partner with Jesuit in the fulfillment of its mission. Endowments provide a source of income in perpetuity and can be unrestricted or focused depending on the interest and passion of the donor. Jesuit endowment funds support need-based financial aid, faculty enrichment and development as well as support for extracurricular activities and community outreach.

Since the Jesuit Foundation’s earliest days, alumni and friends have established over 400 endowment funds in their own name or in honor of family members, friends, or unforgettable Jesuit teachers or administrators. In 2007, a new endowment, The Jesuit Fund for Excellence, was established as an operating endowment to provide a further margin of excellence and to help control tuition increases. Distribution from this fund is available to help offset educational costs not covered through tuition dollars, the annual fund or other endowment distribution.

Consider Establishing an Endowment!

  • An endowment is a permanent fund that supports an area of the school specified by the donor. The principal of the gift - which can be given either with a onetime gift or gifts made over a period of years - is invested and grows over time. These funds then provide a consistent stream of income each year.
  • Endowed funds are named by the donor and established with a signed agreement between the donor, the School and the Foundation.
  • The minimum financial commitment needed to establish an endowment at Jesuit is $50,000. However, this requirement may be met over a five-year pledge period with a minimum initial gift of 20% of the total amount pledged.
  • Once an endowment reaches its initial goal, additional funds can be added by any donor at any time and will become a permanent part of the fund.
  • An endowment can be created using a variety of assets - cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or other property that can be liquidated.
  • The Foundation's current spending policy provides that 5.2% of the three-year average of the fund's balance be distributed to the School each year. This averaging helps smooth the effects of market fluctuations.
  • Additionally, deferred gifts or bequests can also be used to establish an endowment.

If you would like to establish an endowment fund or would simply like more information on endowments at Jesuit, please contact B.J. Antes at 972-387-8700 x527 or any member of Jesuit's Advancement Team at 972-387-8700 x494.

Endowments at the Jesuit Foundation are established through the vision and thoughtful generosity of donors that believe in the School's mission and want to assure that those values are preserved and supported in the future. Jesuit is grateful for their investment in its students.