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Frequent Questions

What is the purpose/mission of the Advancement Office at Jesuit?

The Advancement Office at Jesuit works to attract and foster lasting relationships to support the growth and development of the school. The Advancement team works with alumni, parents of current students, parents of graduates, and friends to provide maximum benefit to the students, (present and future) through broad participation in the Jesuit community.

Can I designate where my gifts will be directed and what they will benefit?

In many cases, “yes”. It depends on the nature of the gift, drive, campaign, etc. The Advancement Staff will gladly discuss options with you to help determine what's best for your situation.

What is the Jesuit Foundation?

The Jesuit Foundation maintains oversight and management of the school's endowment. The endowment is the primary source of funds that provide need-based financial assistance to deserving students each year.

How can I determine whether my company will match my contribution to Jesuit?

Please click here to easily search a list of companies that match charitable gifts to Jesuit.

Are my gifts to Jesuit tax deductible?

Yes, in most cases. Gifts are tax deductible any time the donor receives no goods or services in return. Please consult your CPA or tax professional for more guidance when making gifts.

How can I best support students in need of financial assistance at Jesuit?

There are a number of ways to give which directly assist students in need. A few of these include giving through one of Jesuit’s annual drives (Challenge Drive for current parents and Phonathon for alumni). The annual Celebration Auction also directly benefits financial assistance as all proceeds from the auction are directed to the school’s endowment. The Advancement Office staff is also always happy to discuss other approaches to giving that can be designed to directly benefit the students of today and tomorrow.