ArtQuest 2017

The Jesuit Dallas Museum will celebrate ArtQuest 2017 at the Museum of Biblical Arts. Enjoy, beverages, food, Silent Auction and music by Jesuit Students. To create awareness of the Andrew Bark '98 Memorial Scholarship which is awarded annually to a rising senior who excels in the visual arts, the Jesuit Dallas Museum will feature three works by the current recipient, David Seagram of the scholarship during the evening. Pledge to acquire The American Dream #2 by renowned artist, Robert Indiana to inspire the boys and support the Museum. Robert Indiana, a member of the Pop Art Movement is collected and prized by individuals and museums.

Thursday, April 27, 2017
5 - 5:30 p.m. Patron & Senior Parent Reception
5:30 - 8 p.m.

The Museum of Biblical Arts
7500 Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75207


Cocktails | Hors d'Oeuvres | Music | Valet
$60 per person


All proceeds will benefit the scholarship and Jesuit Dallas Museum, which is an independent 501(C)(3) organization.

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ArtQuest 2016 Patrons

Susan & Rob Carringer
Owen & Chris Hartmann
Lisa & Steven Meyer
Terri & Stephen Stine
Mary & Michael F. Terry
Clair and Ken Ward

Mary Jane Broussard & Mike Reinlein
Christi & Bert Erpillo
Jesuit Women's Auxiliary
Claudia & Norman McLeod
Auction Source
Ann & Kevin Whelan

Cindy & Dennis Highlander
Jane & Mike Nicolais
Betty & Steve Sullentrop
Chase Lewis Tupps Brewery

Mary & Hank Beckman
Holly & Mike Blais
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Blais
Louwane & Mark Courtney
Judy & John Dryden
Kathy & Mike Earsing
Ellen & John E. Grimes
Terei & Gilbert Khoury
Megan & David Martinez
Jody & Bob McDermott ‘60
Cindy & Neal Mesiiner
Diana & German Oliver
Marlene & John Sughrue
Pat & Doug Travel
Susan & John Wellik
April & Ronald Wolf

Michelle & Rudy Anguiano
Mary & Stuart Bark
Karen & David Burton
Dorothy & Michael Bynoe
Adriana & Carlos Carpizo
Val & David Casillas
Laura & Chris Curran
Marina & Greg Foster
Ms. Margaret Furyk
Ginny & Fred Haralson
Kurt Hofmeister
Eva & James Kramer
Patricia & Michael Pagel
Melissa Pridmore
Dr. David Ranney
Linnea & Peter Scott
Ms. Linda Smerge
Stephanie & Kirby Smith
Joanie & Thomas Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Taylor


Elizabeth Hunt Blanc
Museum Director
972-387-8700 x383
972-661-9349 (fax)