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The Challenge Drive is an annual campaign that covers the difference between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of educating a Jesuit student.

Parents' Challenge Drive

Jesuit Dallas is a special place full of talented faculty, enriched by a vibrant alumni base, and blessed with loving and passionate parents. Most importantly, Jesuit is dedicated to educating 1,100 young men in a faith-based environment and developing its students through four years of formation as Men for Others.


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Your donation to the Challenge Drive ensures that tuition remains affordable and funds direct operating costs of the School during the current year. The Challenge Drive benefits every student by enabling programs and opportunities beyond those supported by tuition alone.

This year the GAP is $2,016. If it is within your means, we ask that you contribute at this amount for each Jesuit student in your family. If you are blessed to be able to contribute at a higher level, we thank you for your generosity. If you cannot contribute at the GAP level or above, please support the School at whatever amount is within your means. Thank you in advance for taking the Challenge.

Challenge Drive Chairs

Drive Chair: Dennis Lynch '87 (Connor ’16, Jack '19)
Drive Co-Chair: Craig Lengyel (Alex ’17)

Class of 2016 Chairs
Matt Bowen (Michael ’16, John ’18)
Scott Freeman (Jack ’16)
Jay Garcia (Andres ’12, Esteban ’16)
Jeff Libby ’86 (Ryan ’16)
Dennis Lynch ’87 (Connor ’16)
Issy Perez (Alex ’13, Kalen ’15, Cameron ’16, Andrew ’17)
John Rischard (Nick ’10, John Michael ’12, Matthew ’16)
Steve Tedeschi (Tony ’16)
Kevin Whelan ’77 (Jack ’16, Nick ’16)

Class of 2017 Chairs
Gary DeLong (Matt ’17, Mitch ’18)
Read Frymire (George ’17)
Jeff Glenn (Jackson ’17)
John Jamieson ’85 (Emmett ’17)
Jim Koch (Seamus ’17)
Craig Lengyel (Alex ’17)
Steve Mancillas (Steven ’17)
Chris Matthews (Jack ’17)
George Price (Andrew ’07, Stephen ’17)
Kyle Smith (Dixon ’17)

Class of 2018 Chairs
John Beach (Cole ’18)
Jim Bitterman (Hank ’18)
Alan Butz (Zack ’18)
Bill Cave ’83 (Tripp ’18)
Scott Hassell (Grayson ’18)
Frank Marshall (Zach ’12, Cooper ’17, Joshua ’18)
Kenny Penn (Nicholas ’18)
Lanny Raney (Lucas ’18)
Jake Szczepanski (Ryan ’18)

Class of 2019 Chairs
Steve Ayres (Chris '15, Jack '17, Charlie '19)
John Rischard (Nick '10, John Michael '12,
Matthew '16, Joey '19)
Rob Ernst (Reagan '19)
Jon Lark (Collin '19)
Tim Norris (William '19)
Trey Morsbach '88 (John '19)
Roger Groom (Peyton '19)
Stuart Schutze '89 (Zach '15, Cameron '17, Maxwell '19)
David Carroll '89 (David '19)
Eric Rozier (Ethan '19)