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Science Department

The Science Department aims at developing curious, open, independent, and thoughtful young men. As students progress throughout their 4 years in the program, they are introduced to the major achievements and insights of Western science; trained in the methodology that generated those insights; and challenged to apply the logic and critical thinking to solve complex problems. At each level, students are trained to use modern equipment and techniques to answer questions about the world around them. We believe that a scientific way of thinking will help our students successfully navigate through life, and help them continually develop their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

As members of the Science Department, we work together to progressively develop the analytical and critical thinking skills students will require to be successful in the next stage of their career. We seek to strengthen their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills through project designs and research presentations. Furthermore, students are introduced to current issues that are influenced and/or can be addressed by science and challenged to look for positive contributions they can make to the global community.