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English Department

As teachers of English, the members of this department serve a unique role in educating the whole individual, enabling him to grow internally by means of a curriculum which clearly addresses the need to understand human nature. English is a prime means by which we can engender in the student insight into the intellectual, psychological, social and moral imperatives which have directed the human race since the beginning of its history. We believe—by providing models of human endeavor and integrity and by encouraging the student to evaluate these models—he will better be able to adapt to his world and make a viable contribution to it.

Therefore, we, the members of the English Department, endeavor to put at the student’s command, the tools of critical thinking and coherent expression so that he can determine who he is, why he is, and what he intends to do for himself and others. We seek to establish in the student the four embracing social attitudes promulgated by a Jesuit secondary education: love, justice, responsibility and stewardship. To develop these attitudes, we believe we must take every opportunity to overcome the passivity of the mind, confusion of thinking and superficiality of speech which is indicative of youth. So we teach the student to think precisely, to express himself exactly and to appreciate his world with sincerity and verve.