Clubs and Activities

Do you want to broaden your Jesuit experience and make new friends? Do you have a great interest or hobby to share with others?  Have you considered trying something new?

Jesuit clubs and activities provide a significant venue for our students to engage in endeavors outside of the classroom and pursue their own interests. Through participation in these activities, students have opportunities to form meaningful friendships as they continue the journey to becoming Men for Others.

All Jesuit clubs and activities must be approved by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and have a faculty sponsor. If a student has a particular passion or interest not currently available on our club list, we encourage him to visit the Office of Student Affairs to discuss the possibility of creating a new club and applying for its approval.

Co-Curricular Activities

Cycling Club Andrew Armstrong / Celeste DesOrmeaux Enjoy olympic-style cycling and compete in races
Debate Team Dan Lingel / Tracy McFarland Compete on the local, state and nationally competitive debate team 
Robotics Club Michael Couvillon Explore and develop interests / talents in engineering / robotics
Junior Classical League Vanessa Jones Increase awareness of classical languages
Newspaper (The Roundup) Dr. Degen / Fritz Asche  Jesuit student newspaper
Theater David Myers / Max Von Schlehenried, Chris Patterson Perform main stage productions, improv, and community service
UIL Academics Mary Beth Farrell Practice and participate in UIL academic competion
Yearbook (The Last Roundup) Mike Riemer/Tiffany Holmes/Valerie Souders Produce a quality yearbook with  pictures and stories for lasting memories

Student Clubs

24/7 David Williams   Sophomore Leadership & Service Organization focused on community involvement and peer mentorship
Airsoft/Paintball Club Matt Ortiz Learn and enjoy the sport of airsoft and paintball
Ambassadors Tim Host / Corey Marr Provide hospitality, tours, and information to visitors
Anglers Club Andy Civello Sharing the passion of fishing
App Development Club Jeff Hoffman Learning and discussing application development
Archery Club Mark Wester Learning history of bow and arrow
Art Club Jonathan Harmon Sharing the passion for art through a variety of formats
Autism Speaks Cheryl Woolnough Autism awareness and support
Beatles Club Corey Marr Explore the influence of music, films and artistry of the Beatles
Big Brothers Tim Murphy  Help incoming freshman transition smoothly into Jesuit
Boxing Enthusiasts Dominic Golab Observe, discuss, and learn about the sport of boxing (non-contact club)
Brothers for Others Anne Blackford Mentors for young persons with Down Syndrome/Autism
Car Club Mike Earsing / Tom Garrison Restore a car and auction it at annual auction
Cinematic Video Gaming Tricia Watson Group discussions and game sessions
Comedy Improv Club David Myers  Moderated by the Theater Dept
Constitutional Society Patrick Triplett Analyze past and current US issues
Dubstep Mark Wester Music club
Engineering Society Julie Carver Outreach activities with engineering
Entrepreneurship Club Dea Ochs Entrepreneurship basics
Environmental Awareness Matt Ortiz   Increase awareness of environmental issues
ESPN Club Seth Waits Discuss, debate, predict sporting events / contests &forums
Film Appreciation Society Colin Hanley  View and discuss film from all genres
Filmmakers Club Jude Harrington   Share a passion for creating film
French Honor Society Julie Rishard Promote French  language and culture 
Handball Club Austin Nevitt Learning and playing the game of handball
Helping Hands Tim Murphy   Service - See moderator for details
History Club Casey Profitt / Tim Murphy Exploring, discussing, and researching various issues related to history 
Horitculture Club Allison Savoy/Stefanie Boyle Developing and improving a greenhouse system while exploring the variety of plant life
Ignatian Service Corps Rich Perry / Anthony Mattacchione Leadership club (10 -12 grade) that designs and implements service projects
Interact Michele Williams / Tricia Watson Cultivate diversity in thought and action through service to the community
iPanel Michele Williams Student technology committee
Italian Club of Jesuit Anthony Mattacchionne Appreciation of culture
JBA (Jesuit Basketball Assoc) / JBDL Ken Howell / Tim Murphy / Joe Nava Enjoy club basketball with your friends
Jesuit Canine Association Cheryl Woolnough To learn about positive reinforcement training / prepare for Sr. Therapy Dog
Jesuit Dance Crew Erik Burrell Dance performances, breakdancing, talent shows
Jesuit Journal Michael Degen Student publications
Jesuit Multicultural Society Erik Burrell Awareness and appreciation of various cultures and other aspects of diversity 
Jesuit Musicians Union Corey Marr Provide an opportunity to all students to learn about music and perform 
Jesuit PAC Matt DuRoss Offer awareness and assistance for those suffering from political/social injustices
Jesuit Refugee Services / AAOS Rich Perry / Anthony Mattacchionne American African Outreach Society, sponsoring a Jesuit center in Kenya
JSCUBA Ben Kirby Further our knowledge about the diving world, including trends, equipement,and skills.
Key Club Raul Ornelas Develops personal initiative, leadership, citizenship, and service
Latin Honor Society Vanessa Jones Foreign Language student organization
Library Club Ben Kirby Promote unity with gatherings for homework, discussions, games
Liturgical Music Ann Morton Provide cantors, instumentalists a nd chorus for school Mass
Lone Rangers   Support Jesuit sports / extra curricular activities, school spirit
Love of the Lake Rich Perry/Mark Batik Community service 
Low Rims Club T. J. Howard 3 on 3 basketball on 8 foot hoops; physical fitness and brotherhood games
Magic Club Mark Wester Explore the game Magic the Gathering
Math Club Andrew Dondis Prepare for and compete in UIL competitions; guest speakers/activities when possible
Medical Society Jan Jones / Max Von Schlehenried Introduce students to medicine through dissection and clinical rotations
Mock Trial Stefanie Boyle Experience courtroom in a hand-on role
Muggle Quidditch Michele Elchlepp Promoting interclass athletic activity in a club setting
Music Ministry Ann Morton Prepare music for liturgies, prayer service, and spiritual gatherings
National Hispanic Institute Raul Ornelas Community service, debates, and discussion
Nerf Club Patrick Triplett Enjoy nerf with fellow students
Not for Sale Katie Segal Complements Jesuit's work for social justice (issues of slavery in modern society)
PALS Paul McDaniel Teach leadership through group dynamics and community service
Peer Ministry Matt DuRoss/ Andrew Armstrong Share faith with the Jesuit Community
Photography Club Mike Riemer   For those interested in learning photography skills
Pizza Club Paolo Costanzo Teaching the art of fire-oven cooking
Pokemon Club Mark Wester Tournaments, training sessions and group discussions
Pro-life Club Campus Ministry To raise awareness and support issues regarding Life.
Retro Video Games Andrew Dondis Interests in classic video gaming
Soccer Club David Williams For soccer enthusiasts
Social Justice Rob McGhee / Jude Harrington Introduce students to issues of justice and social concern
SOS Brigade Patrick Triplett Introducing and discussing anime and Japanese culture
Spanish Honor Society Greg Nielson Promote the study of the Spanish language and culture
Student Council Colin Hanley Student leadership and elected offices
Technical Theater David Myers / Jeff Murdter Building stage, sets, lighting and sound
The Beethoven Society Donovan Putnam Serving the Community through classical music performance
Ultimate Frisbee Club Joe Nava Actively participate in sports and create new friendships
Underground Music Mark Batik Learn about music that is not in the mainstream
Wheels Matt Ortiz / Michael Riemer Built on community of interest for extreme sports
Whiz Quiz David McGowan / Celeste DesOrmeaux Compete interscholastically with area school on a variety of topics