Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry at Jesuit Dallas seeks to deepen the spiritual life of the school community by serving its spiritual needs. Campus Ministry facilitates a balance between allowing students, faculty, parents, and alumni to practice their faith through various liturgies and retreats and serve each other through ministries and programs.

As a Jesuit school, our guiding principles are rooted in Ignatian Spirituality. The religous practices of the school are in keeping with the traditions and practices of the Catholic Church. In a spirit of ecumenism, we invite those of other faith traditions to participate as they feel comfortable within the teachings of the Catholic Church. We provide opportunities for all members of the greater Jesuit community to actively manifest their belief in and love for God. The office of Campus Ministry offers sacramental ministry, spiritual growth and retreat experiences through Masses, Reconciliation Services, Prayer Services, the Examen and Senior retreats. We also provide opportunities for students to minister to each other through Peer Ministry and Mass Ministries. As an integral part of campus life at Jesuit, the Campus Ministry Program works with various clubs, teams, departments and parent groups by providing chaplaincy and collaboration.

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