Campus Life

Community Service

  • Students have been instructed since the beginning of June to login on to and sign in with their Jesuit email address as their username and their student ID # as their password. From there students should look for and click on the Opportunities tab at the top of the screen and search for the agency name for which they worked with and fill out the credits under the specific date(s) which they served. Please enter your credits and submit it for verification, and Mr. Mattacchione will approve them once you submit.

    If there are any issues with your service you will be contacted via student email. Likewise if you have any questions please contact Mr. amattacchione with any issues.

Contact Community Service
Rich Perry
Director of Community Service & Social Justice
972-387-8700 x402
Anthony Mattacchione
Asst. Director of Community Service & Social Justice
972-387-8700 x360
Kathy Bean
Wednesday Accountability & Drama Troupe