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Diversity and Outreach Services

The graduating senior of Jesuit College Preparatory School is ideally: Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Physically Fit, Loving, Religious, and Committed to Working for Justice. Pursuing these goals in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Diversity Program at Jesuit College Preparatory School is committed to helping students discover the magis — the more — in themselves and in the members of their diverse community, which can include among other categories race / ethnicity, religion, gender, age, ability, geography and socio-economic status. This discovery will better prepare students to contribute to a multicultural world, one in which local, national, and international tensions are often grounded in cultural, religious, and linguistic differences.

Jesuit’s Diversity initiatives and programs will strengthen the vitality of the school community by enhancing in its students an understanding of and appreciation for the richness of human diversity and by fostering a respect for and an affirmation of the self. Building a stronger union among its students, faculty, and staff, Jesuit Diversity and Outreach Services will better prepare them to be “Men and Women for and with Others,” informed and compassionate individuals committed to social justice in their global community.

Translators/Interpreters for Others
Translating services encompass a partnership with the Jesuit Woman’s Auxiliary (JWA) and the various student/parent support opportunities at Jesuit. Jesuit has many families for whom English is not a first language. Given this, families and their sons may miss out on aspects of the Jesuit experience.

As a language need is identified related to a family or student, a JWA Language Volunteer will be called upon to provide translation services. For the current school year, we are seeking volunteers to assist with various Jesuit events and communications running now through graduation. This is a wonderful way to meet the needs of our diverse families and to partner with JWA. For further information, please contact Gail Chester, JWA Membership Chair at (214) 415-1674 or email Irma Adriana Cornejo, JWA Co-Chair at iacornejo14@gmail.com or (281) 827-2122 or Martha Carrasco Salazar at (214) 679-7457 martha.carrasco18@gmail.com.

Traductores/Interpretes para Otros
Este servicio se ofrece a través de la unión del Jesuit Womens Auxiliary (JWA) y los departamentos a Jesuit. Existen muchas familias dentro de Jesuit cuyo primer idioma no es inglés. Debido a esto, las familias y sus hijos pudieran perderse de ciertas experiencias dentro de Jesuit.

Una vez que se identifique la necesidad del servicio de idiomas para una familia o estudiante, se asignará un voluntario de idiomas para proveer los servicios de traducción en su idioma. Actualmente estamos solicitando voluntarios para asistir con los servicios de idiomas en varios eventos y comunicaciones en Jesuit desde ahora y hasta la graduación. Esta es una manera gratificante para cumplir con las necesidades de nuestras familias diversas y de participar en el JWA. Para mayor información por favor comuníquese con Gail Chester, Membresías del JWA, al (214) 415-1674 o por correo electrónico al Irma Adriana Cornejo, Coordinadora Cultural del JWA al (281) 827-2122, iacornejo14@gmail.com o Martha Carrasco Salazar al (214) 679-7457 martha.carrasco18@gmail.com.

Contact Diversity
Raul Ornelas
972-387-8700 x364